Contextualize Every Ad

Digital-out-of-home advertisements are not personalized and not data driven.
Current state of out-of-home advertisements miss out on crucial customer insights.
We aim to bridge that gap by adopting state of the art AI/ML technologies.

For Everyone

  • Platform

    An intelligent Digital-Out-Of-Home ad platform that transforms traditional digital outdoor advertising screens into targeted ad-spots

  • Advertisers

    Take advantage of targeting your ads in physical world and measure ad consumption to help understand your audience better

  • Retailers

    Gain traction of your consumers seamlessly, and monetize your existing infrastructure better

Simple Solutions

NXTclick applies deep AI/ML technologies to contextualize every in-store ad, all in real-time.
In-house AI/ML vision and matching algorithms generate the most appropriate ad for real-time audience.
Customized key insights on the ad-consuming customers are produced.
We do everything in these simple 5 steps

  • 1. Attributes (gender, age, etc.)
  • 2. AI/ML (vision + matching)
  • 3. Ad (audience profile)
  • 4. Engagement (ad consumption)
  • 5. Conversion (sale)

NXTclick focuses on state-of-the-art technology to contextualize ads, while maintaining complete privacy of its ad consumers. Our platform is custom built specific to the needs of the retailer adopting our technology. We would like to offer it as a complete solution to our customers.

Work With Us

Welcome retailers, advertisers, and DOOH publishers in the US
excited to experiment and integrate with next generation technology.